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Your mortgage“ in GEL!

Wish to buy an apartment, country house or to renovate it? Use the lowest interest rate in GEL with Your mortgage“ by JSC “BasisBank”!

Interest rate of „Your mortgage“ is changeable and  depends on National Bank’s refinancing index.

 Interest rate’s calculation is as follows:National Bank’s refinancing index plus “BasisBank” interest rate.

Refinancing index may change from month to monthup or down, accordingly will be changed your interest rate and loan installment.

Detailed information concerning the National Bank’s interest rate can be found on web-site:

For example in current month refinancing index is 6.5%,  BasisBank’s rate is 2.38%, it meansthat in current month your interest rate is equal to 6,5%+2.38%=8,88%!

Let’s say in the next month refinancing index fell down and amounts to 6,00%, accordingly your interest rate in next month will be 6,00%+2.38%=8.38% which will reduce your installment.

Loan amount

From GEL 10,000– up to GEL 600,000;

Loan collateral


Annual interest rate from 8.88%

Effective from 9.58%

Documents required for „Your mortgage issue:

  • Completed application;
  • Identity card;
  • Documented income by means of salary , rents or dividends;
  • Min working experience  of months;
  • Monthly minimum income GEL 600.
Basisbank offers OFFSET function:
You can place on account the amount up to 80% of the current loan, and decrease your liability by max 5-times. OFFSET decrease the liability up to 5-times!
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