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Useful Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loan for purchase, building or renovation of your apartment or house.


Loan amount:

1,000-300,000 USD or equivalent*

*The issuance of money amount less than 200 000 GEL is possible only in national currency for private persons citizens of Georgia and individual entrepreneurs


Up to 15 years

in USD

Annual interest rate: From 7%

Effective From 7.58%

in EUR

Annual interest rate: From 5.5%

Effective From 5.89%

in GEL

Annual interest rate: From 11.5%

Effective From 12.45%

Loan collateral:

Property which is to be bought, built, or renovated


From 0%


Borrower will be able to get new loan on a yearly basis up to 80% from repaid amount.

For example: the borrower whose loan amount is 100,000 USD repaid 20,000 USD at the end of the first year of the loan, the bonus condition of the loan entitles him/her to request up to 16,000 USD of additional loan (USD 20,000 X 80% = USD 16,000).

Basisbank offers OFFSET function:

You can place on account the amount up to 80% of the current loan, and decrease your liability by max 5-times. OFFSET decrease the liability up to 5-times!


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